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This is a list of services that our Agency can provide you with:

Non-Treatment Services: All of these programs will require a current Pre-treatment Assessment and/or Addendum and Mental Status Evaluation (MSE).

Intervention – We provide the youth education on intervention related to their behaviors for fifteen (15) hours completed on Monday –Thursday at 5pm to 9pm and at this time we offer no weekend classes. These educational classes are age appropriate.

*The first week of the month our night classes are for middle school students and high school students.
*The second week of the month our night classes are for elementary students and high school students
*The third and fourth weeks of the month our night classes are for middle school students and high school students.

Family Support- We provides supportive service for family through our family support program. Each family and youth will be given an assessment and then matched with the family support worker to help achieve barriers and change positively those behaviors for success.

Tracker- We provides supervision and monitoring to youth who are not compliant with the rules set by the authority figure. This tracker will assess the home and provide skill building and encourage with you to help achieve his/her individual goals.

Intensive Family Preservation (IFP)- We provides intensive services to the family and the youth on parenting, communication and behaviors management. This IFP specialist will meet with the family 12hours per week with the hope to the youth remaining home permanently.

Day/Evening reporting- We provides structure program though our Reporter specialist in the day for youth that need daily super vision. This program is age appropriate and will help the youth learn positive interaction, problems solving and self esteem building.  The supervision program hours are from 9am to 3pm Monday – Friday and at night 4pm-9pm, at this time we offer no weekend.

Employment Placement- We provides employment search skill building through our employment specialist. The Employment specialist will help the youth will effective job search, interview techniques, positive work ethic and follow-up. Our employment youth program offers these education classes on Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Life Coach- We provides intensive barrier intervention through our certified Life Coaches. This service focuses on the barrier of the youth and family helping to resolve problem and furthering increasing the success of other services and programs. These sessions are tailor on each individual and family barrier/needs. Our session are $88.oo per session and can take approximately 16 session. 

Treatment Services: Services that provide psychotherapy or counseling. All of these programs will require a current Pre-treatment Assessment and/or Addendum and Mental Status Evaluation (MSE).

Outpatient Counseling-We provides mental health service for the youth and family helping to decrease mental, emotional, social and behaviors barriers. These service are usually in the office but can be delivered in the home of the youth. Also we provide group mental health session focusing on decision making, peer pressures, anger management and achieving ones goals.

Community treatment Aide (CTA)-We provides teaching and services to assist therapeutic counseling in implementation on behavioral modification with the youth. This service helps the family and the youth home achieve a healthier control environment by reducing the negative behaviors from the youth.

 Intensive Outpatient Counseling-We provides on going intensive behavioral modification counseling that pacifically focus on the occurring behaviors from the youth.  This service can be implementing through individual, family and group setting.  The group times are from 5pm to 8pm Monday –Thursday.

Day Treatment-We provide a structure supervised therapeutic program to youth that otherwise are having problem functioning in school, home and work. This program will have structure activities, individual and group during each day of service.  This service is normal offer during the day time hours helping to decrease reoccurring problems from the youth. The class times are 9am – 12pm and 1pm- 3pm Monday – Friday.

Substance Abuse Services for Youth: All of these programs will require a current Pre-treatment Assessment and/or Addendum and Mental Status Evaluation (MSE).
Drug/Alcohol Assessment and Evaluation:

We provide drug/alcohol assessment and evaluation through a program called Accu Care. This program has been recognized through various states as an official report for courts, probation and other legal areas. This program also has treatment planning and case notes capability. All reports are generated in a form for Courts and are archive through Orion Health Care Technology. This service is an appointment base only and can cost up to $190.00 per evaluation. This agency can accept probation vouchers, self pay, and sometime sliding fee scale.

Substance Abuse Education/Intervention: We provide class for fist time and reoccurring youth that have been outline as having substance abuse barrier and/or problems. This class is supervised by a License Drug and Alcohol Counselor. The class times are Monday and Thursday from 5pm – 8pm for 5 sessions per month. Each month will start and end a new class.

***TEAM Inc provides these services to the public as well as Nebraska Juvenile System and if interested call our office for dates, schedules and times. In addition if the client/youth is not a referral from a state agencies then the payment mechanism are Medicaid and self pay. All services are confidential and meet the standard for the privacy act and HIPP and required a signature from the legal parent/guardian.

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