Substance Abuse Services

Who will need these services?

  • First time offenders
  • Reoccurring offenders
  • DUI/DWI offenders
  • Individuals and or family members

Why should you ask seek help for substance abuse?

  • To decrease family conflict
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Ongoing health problems
  • Illegal prescription abuse

What services are provided?
Drug and alcohol assessments and evaluation for adults and youth through a program called Accucare. This program has been recognized through various stated as an official report for courts, probation and other legal areas. This program also has treatment planning and case note capability. All reports are generated in a form for courts and are archived through Orion Health Care technology. This service is appointment based only and can cost up to 190.00 per revaluation. This agency can accept probation vouchers self pay and sometimes a sliding fee scale.
Substance Abuse Education / Intervention, We provide class for first time and reoccurring adults and youth that have been outlined as having substance abuse barrier and/or problems. This class is supervised by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. The class times are Monday and Thursday from 5pm-8pm fir 5 sessions per month. Each month will start and end a new class.

Time frame for a report
Team’s staff can provide an official report for your attorney, probation officers and other legal officers within 48 hours as long as the client has met requirements and provides all information needed for the assessment.

Team inc provides these services to the public as well as the Nebraska Juvenile System and of interested call our office for dates, schedules and times. In addition of the client /youth is not a referral from a state agency then the payment mechanism is medicade and self pay. All services are confidential and meet the standard for the privacy act and HIPPA
law and require a signature form the parent/legal guardian.


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