Our Goals Are:

Providing services to individuals and families that struggle with mental, emotional, physical, and medical disorders.

Treatment options are:

  • Decrease aggressive or disruptive behaviors
  • Teach positive social and life skills
  • Improve attention and on task¬† behaviors
  • Manage symptoms of mental and emotional disorders
  • Reduce family stress and enhance coping strategies
  • Help family unit back together in and about healthier outcomes

Who will facilitate and support these therapeutic counseling services?

  • Psychologist and or Psychiatrics
  • Licensed and or provisional therapist
  • Community Treatment Aid
  • Family Support Worker
  • Supervision Specialist

What services can you expect?

  • Assessments and evaluation
  • Therapeutic individual and family counseling
  • Interventions and recommendations

Some of our counseling services that are avaliable:

  • Indivual Sessions
  • Family Sessions
  • Substance Abuse
  • Medical Problems
  • Disability Issues

    Frequently ask definitions:

    Psychiatric: Person that prescribes medication if needed

    Psychologist: Person that diagnosis the problem

    Therapist: Person that provide therapeutic counseling

    Counselor: Person that help with technique for interventions

    Community Treatment Aid (CTA): Person that help children and family with disruptive behaviors in the home and school.

    Family Support Worker (FSW): Peron that help with connecting and supporting resource with inthe community for families.

    Supervision Specialist: Person that supervise visitation for families

    Where are these services held?
    Each session is handled on an individual bases. Most sessions are in the business office, but are not limited to in-home services. These sessions are determined by the need of the person to help meet their treatment plan successfully.

    Payment for session and service?
    At this time our agency accepts payments from Medicaid and/or self pay and a sometime sliding scale fee.

    HIPPA's requirement:
    All sessions are confidential and are required in the in-take assement to have all forms dated and signed by the legal guardian, and copies of all forms are avaliable.


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